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Hey Guys! 

Today the SkyHaze team presents the Server Updates! A series of

weekly newsHere we will be posting announcements on anything server related like

events, changes and season updates!

This week there are no major changes just that we are pushing the NEW

SEASON from March 1st to June 1st.

Remember this means all islands will be reset as well as balances.

You can also expect a new set of builds! This includes:

- New Spawn

- New PVP

- New Mines

Thanks for playing with us!


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[Admin] Dumbly STAFF  published SERVER UPDATES on News
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[Owner] alnoise STAFFFebruary 2nd 9PM -> 11:59PM (EST)

The server will experience some downtime. Sorry for any inconveniences caused by this.
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[Owner] alnoise STAFFSkyHaze Season 2 will start on March 1st. which means all islands, balances, and items will be reset. Look forward to a new spawn, pvp arena, and more. Thank you guys for continuously playing on SkyHaze!
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