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Season 2 Update

By [Owner] alnoise STAFF - Posted Mar 27, 19

Season Update:

      Due to so many player requests, we will not be resetting islands next season. Until we get more of a playerbase, and more active players, the island wipe system is going to be dependant on your server activity. If you are inactive on the server your island will be wiped. This is for a couple reasons, number one being we need more space for new players islands in the same world and the world is not infinate. 

      The faction servers release is going to be pushed back if released at all as Kihei, my Co-Owner, or the Owner of the faction server has decided he is not interested in the project anymore at this time and is leaving me and my SkyBlock staff team to work on it independently. This will postpone the release for months, but we will keep you updated as we are very excited to release it to the public.

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[Owner] alnoise STAFFFebruary 2nd 9PM -> 11:59PM (EST)

The server will experience some downtime. Sorry for any inconveniences caused by this.
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[Owner] alnoise STAFFSkyHaze Season 2 will start on March 1st. which means all islands, balances, and items will be reset. Look forward to a new spawn, pvp arena, and more. Thank you guys for continuously playing on SkyHaze!
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